Robert and Eleanor DeVries Annual Student Exhibition Awards


Vinh Hữu Lê: The Arrangement 3 - Seventh Circle of Earth  (Installation / Performance)

“Personal consciousness is translated into spatial installations in which the artist treats his subject with sensitivity and thoughtfulness, a visceral piece that makes tangible that what cannot be said in words. Le’s interpretation of the poem ‘Seventh Circle of Earth’ is profound and moving. The theatricality of Le’s installations are both humorous and though-provoking. Vinh Le makes work that is layered in meaning, work that lingers in the viewer’s mind.” 

                                                                - Naomi van Niekerk, Juror


Olivia Novak: The 10 Most Beautiful Screen Tests (Video Art)

Olivia Novak, The 10 Most Beautiful Screen Tests

“ ‘The 10 most beautiful screen tests’ is a gentle video work that shows Novak’s unique understanding of film-making as a medium. Novak’s artist statement reflects that she already has a convincing process in engaging with surroundings and translating her personal experience into her artistic practice, a precious skill that sets her on her way to be a prolific artist practitioner. ‘The 10 most beautiful screen tests’ is a simple idea that is executed with precision; the absence of sound is a brave and compelling choice. Especially in current circumstances where humanity has been brought to silence in a global pandemic and where we our communication with one another is now mediated by screens.” 

                                                                - Naomi van Niekerk, Juror


Victoria Cook: Fuzzy Logic (Jewelry)

“A unique voice and witty approach to jewelry design, her work shows a strong identity and reflects a quirky artistic vision. Cook’s control of the materials is impressive and her artistic identity is tangible in her submitted pieces. I am looking forward to see what she will dream up next!” 

                                                               - Naomi van Niekerk, Juror


Stephen Young: A Moment of Escape #2 (Photography)

“Exceptional landscape photography with a painterly quality.  The effective use of depth of field and light o creates an alluring feeling of space. The composition has movement and invites the viewer to share in the moment of escapism to ‘a place’ that feels otherworldly.” 

                                                              - Naomi van Niekerk, Juror


Carl Anderson: Tool Chest (Product Design)

“Impressive craftsmanship and beautiful documentation of the work. 

Object also has an emotive presence, that says something about the maker; the detail and finesse speaks of the artist’s respect for the material, the longevity of wood.”

                                                               -Naomi van Niekerk, Juror 


Huizi Liu: Spring means everything (Metals/Jewelry)

“Lovely presentation of a delicate work; the symbolism and narrative that informs the work adds layers to its reading, it is a work that I kept coming back to, discovering new elements of detail every time I looked at it.” 

       -Naomi van Niekerk, Juror